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The "Glint" ring, a striking expression of modern elegance. Crafted from premium s925 silver and intricately set with fine white zirconia, this piece weighs approximately 19 grams and boasts a ring face width of 22mm and a band width of 12mm. Each stone is meticulously positioned to maximize its reflective brilliance, capturing and reflecting light from every angle.

The name "Glint" symbolizes the shimmering early light of dawn, suggesting beginnings filled with hope and radiance. This ring is designed for those who appreciate the finer details and seek a touch of everyday luxury. Wearing the Glint ring is like carrying a piece of the morning's first light, a constant reminder of the potential and beauty that each new day holds. Perfect for adding a sophisticated sparkle to any outfit, the Glint ring is a testament to contemporary craftsmanship and timeless style.

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