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Named "Cordelia," this bracelet draws inspiration from a character renowned for her integrity and depth of emotion in Shakespeare's tragedy. The choice of name reflects the purity and lustrous sheen of the natural freshwater pearls that adorn this elegant piece. Each square-shaped baroque pearl, meticulously selected for its unique texture and iridescent undertones, symbolizes uniqueness and authenticity.

The bracelet's design, featuring pearls measuring approximately 12mm by 18mm, is accentuated by a minimalist s925 silver clasp that enhances its contemporary appeal while maintaining a classic sophistication. "Cordelia" is not just a piece of jewelry; it is a tribute to timeless beauty and enduring grace, designed to resonate deeply with those who value genuine expressions of elegance and simplicity.SIZE S Suit for Wrist wrist circumference 14~15cm )/SIZE M  Suit for Wrist wrist circumference 15~17cm ) /SIZE L Suit for Wrist wrist circumference 17~19cm)

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