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The Cela Ring, an avant-garde creation of s925 silver and synthetic emerald, emerges as a bold statement piece, a testament to the prowess of French craftsmanship. With an approximate weight of 14.6 grams and a width of 18mm, this ring's raw, sculpted aesthetic is a celebration of artisanal skill and creative vision.

Each Cela is unique, its irregular contours shaped by hand, reflecting the natural imperfections that define true beauty. The centerpiece, a richly hued synthetic emerald, is cradled within undulating waves of silver — a deliberate contrast of structure and spontaneity.

This ring is a narrative in metal and stone, speaking to those who seek meaning in the minutiae, who hold dear the stories encapsulated in their jewelry. It is not just an accessory, but a fragment of artistry, ready to be woven into the fabric of daily life and to become part of your personal legacy. The Cela is for the modern muse, an embodiment of elegance in its most expressive form.

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